Factors Affecting the Office of Justice of Peace in Punjab, Pakistan: A Critical Study


  • Muhammad Salim University of Karachi




Public, Police, Advocates, Justice of the Peace


Justice of the peace is a public officer introduced by British colonists during their expedition to colonize, in various regions. This research carried out a study about the inevitable role of justice of the peace and the challenges faced by public while attaining the benefits of the law duly prescribed in Pakistan. A mixed research approach was deployed having questionnaires, observations and interviews. These tools were applied on a number of institutions like aggrieved person, police personnel, advocates, public prosecutors and justices of the peace. Some questionnaires were also prepared separately for all the above mentioned entities and some observations also made to put the truthfulness of those answers in check. Interviews were also conducted in the same vein which helped in drawing a clearer diagram in this regard. According to the obtained analysis, 95% of the people believe in the fact that police system needs a serious overhaul. On the contrary, 90% to 95% police officials themselves consider the role of justice of the peace a burden on them. 90% of advocates feel the power of justice of the peace as justifiable. 82% justices of the peace were found satisfied with their system. However, 90% to 95% Justices of the Peace shows their desire of feeling the need to improve the system. A shocking 97% of people were actually found aggrieved. On the analysis structured and unstructured interviews, 94.5% people were found as actual victims.




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Salim, M. (2023). Factors Affecting the Office of Justice of Peace in Punjab, Pakistan: A Critical Study. Review of Education, Administration & Law, 6(2), 515-540. https://doi.org/10.47067/real.v6i2.350