Reading Difficulties of Primary School English Langauge Learners: A Case Study of District Dera Ghazi Khan


  • Muhammad Arslan Raheem Assistant Professor, University of Education Lahore, Dera Ghazi Khan Campus, Pakistan
  • Madiha Tahir Lecturer, National University of Modern Languages, Multan, Pakistan
  • Samee Ullah Lecturer, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Arshad Javaid Associate Professor, University of Education Lahore, Dera Ghazi Khan Campus, Pakistan



EFL Teaching, Reading, Reading Difficulties, Teaching Methods


The paper aims at investigating reading difficulties that the primary school learners face in English language. Keeping in view the aim of the study, it was further divided into two research objectives: To find out the factors that were causing difficulties in reading English text and To find out the effects that such factors have on the students’ performance in reading a text in English. The data was collected using two separate tools for each of the research objectives. Data for the first objective was collected using a semi-structured interview with the English teachers of the mentioned locale of the study. For the second objective non-participatory observation was selected as a method to collect data which included a check-list as a tool to mark the effects in the performance of the students with respect to their reading texts in English Language. As far as the analysis of the data is concerned, it was thematically analyzed and the effects were mentioned following the discussion related to the findings of the first research objective. Finally, it was concluded that the students were unable to read the text because of some flaws in the teaching methodology, their lack interest in reading, which was a result of lack of motivation from the parents’ as well as teachers’ side. The rest of the findings are given in the respective sections.


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Raheem, M. A. ., Tahir, M. ., Ullah, S. ., & Javaid, M. A. . (2021). Reading Difficulties of Primary School English Langauge Learners: A Case Study of District Dera Ghazi Khan. Review of Education, Administration & LAW, 4(3), 653-658.