Agriculture Biomass and Indoor Air Pollution as Risk Factors for Women Health


  • Syed Waqas Shabbir PhD Scholar, Government College University, Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • Nazia Malik Assistant Professor, Government College University, Faisalabad, Pakistan



Indoor Air Pollution, Risk Factor, Women Health, Respiratory Disease


This research looks at the effects of biomass and air pollution on women's health. Respondents were surveyed using a multi-stage questionnaire. Data was collected purposively. a self-designed survey (72 items) was used to collect data Results show that a strong correlation was established between age and nonrespiratory diseases. The findings reveal that a positive relationship was found between age, respiratory disease, and non-respiratory diseases. It indicates that age predicts health-related among women. The study's findings show that the use of Agriculture Biomass (UAB), Indoor Air Pollution (IAP), Frequency of Usage (FU), Kitchen Type (KT), Kitchen Ventilation System (KVS), and Time Spent in Kitchen (TSK) have a significant impact on women's respiratory diseases (WRD), whereas the type of stove (ST) and exposure to smoke (ES) have no significant impact on women's health. Collectively, these variables predict up to 20% of respiratory diseases (Upper and lower respiratory infection, Cough, Lung cancer, Asthma, Throat irritation, Cough without phlegm) among women but predict 36.9% of non-respiratory diseases (Diminished vision, Eye irritation, Watering of eyes, Running of the nose, Cough/without phlegm, Hypertension, Stroke, Skin irritation/skin burn and Miscarriages, Stillbirth and Low birth weight) in women.




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Shabbir, S. W. ., & Malik, N. . (2021). Agriculture Biomass and Indoor Air Pollution as Risk Factors for Women Health. Review of Education, Administration & LAW, 4(2), 299-310.